Learn more about our selection of eco-friendly flooring products.

Looking for sustainable alternatives for your next flooring project? Many manufacturers offer a wide variety of eco-friendly flooring options. The design experts at Floor Coverings International Arlington will walk you through all the different options to turn the vision for your rooms into reality with our selection of environmentally-concious materials.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

Carpet. Shaw Floors, one of our key suppliers, offers their nylon 6 fiber carpets. The nylon used in this carpet can be recycled over and over again.

Laminate Floors. Laminate floors, from our key suppliers Armstrong and Shaw Floors, utilize efficient manufacturing processes to produce more usable flooring out of less wood. In addition, laminate flooring uses less newly harvested wood than traditional hardwood floors.

Bamboo and Cork. We offer other excellent green flooring options like bamboo and cork. These products come from readily renewable plant sources and are beautiful and stylish additions to any home or office.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Benefits

  • Help take care of our planet with your flooring choices
  • Many style options to be green and fulfill your design goals
  • Cork is durable and also very comfortable underfoot – it “gives” when compressed providing natural cushioning – perfect for kitchens
  • Bamboo flooring is very durable and provides a distinct, stylish look and feel

About Our Brands

We partner with Armstrong, Shaw and many other eco-friendly flooring manufacturers to meet your design and environmental goals.

For example…

Shaw Floors maintains a nationwide network of carpet collection locations. From these locations, the carpet goes to Shaw’s Evergreen Carpet Recycling Facility. Since 2006, Shaw has reclaimed an average of 100 million pounds of post-consumer carpet each year.

For eco-friendly flooring in the greater Arlington area, let the professionals at Floor Coverings International help you make the right choice today.


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